Montbéliard Parachutisme make the tandem jump since the 4000 meter height that is the standard in skydiving, allowing so 50 seconds of free-fall.

Montbéliard Parachutisme proposes three different manners to begin:
- The tandem jump
- The AFF jump
- Jump with automatic opening

Montbéliard Parachutisme will organize the 2014 meeting skydiving from hot-air balloons on the airfield of Courcelles Les MontbĂ©liard.
Soon the dates of the meeting

- Organization of the meeting skydiving from hot-air balloons 2009, 2010 and 2011. Unique event in Europe..

- Jumps on glacier in the Alps: larguage in 4800 meters for landing at 3200 meters on glacier. Montbéliard Parachutisme made 50 % of the jumps realized in 2011. Unique event in Europe.

- World record of most major figure in free-fall with 400 parachutists: a member of Montbéliard Parachutisme participated in this record in 2006. Preparation of the next soon record!